My name is Renata Papai and I am designing interiors since 2009. 

Interior design is not only for the high society – as everyone thinks. During my work I am focusing on items which are practical, easy to find on the market, affordable but yet high quality for everyone.I am not always after the latest trend, I am creating homes with items which are long term and not going out of fashion.

Upon creating your home interior I am trying to combine the existing items with some new ones, thoroughly looking for things which surround us every day. Seeking beauty even in ordinary objects, I inspire myself by things which are time-proven.

My ingredients are hominess, airiness, warm atmosphere and comfort.

I graduated from the Design School (Design Skola) of Prague, professionally trained and gained knowledge in the field of interior design, however constantly training myself by watching out for the new trends and continuously inspiring myself by the things which surround us.

The Scandinavian style in many ways is the closest to me. I like to use a palette of neutral colors and natural materials. But even this is not a rule because clients always say what they like.

Please visit my Gallery page and see some of my works in the past 5 years.